Managing an enterprise is like rowing against the current, No progress means backwards. Under current harsh environment, with the wave of fluctuation of raw material, energy and cost, rapid inflation, shrinking consumer assets , a severe recession of the global economy, slump in all industrials, it becomes more important for an enterprise to show its social responsibilities. How to maintain company minimum profit, to renovate machines and equipments, to continue producing better quality products enhancing competitiveness, to provide worry-free working environment for employees, to seek growth with stability in between innovation and conservation, all makes a great challenge to the wisdom and determination of managers!

Here we realize: although our products seems not very noticeable among the entire industry, they are indeed indispensable key components; our unit product price occupies a low percentage, however it is an absolutely the key component to lead a success of construction. Having this view point in mind, our company has investedheavily in purchasing full automatic metal plate machineries, recruited the most talented technicians, and provided all kinds of metal products for customer needs. We expect: for whatever customer need, we will do our very best to provide the most value-added products to satisfy customers' requirement. Quality, Service, Safety, and Efficiency has always been our quality policy, and it is also our service aim in the heart of all employees.

Eleven years has passed by, our continuously hard work and diligence has won unanimous recognition and long-term support from customers.