Hofa Industrial Park 【New industrial highlights, new starting point to the south】
Release Date:2016-12-06 | Views:2951

字型縮小 字型放大
Kaohsiung city government announced yesterday (12/1) and the development of the industrial park base and the base for the sale of spring base information, and since the date of acceptance of manufacturers to apply, which is following the two companies stationed in the start After the ceremony, and the park development process and a step forward, to become [industry new bright spot, south to a new starting point].
Hofa Land Development Co., Ltd. was entrusted by the Kaohsiung Municipal Government to develop "Hofa Industrial Park", which was jointly established by Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and Xinya Construction & Development Co., Ltd., and was the first life insurance investment in public engineering development The park is close to the 88 expressway and the Taiwan 29 line, the development of an area of ​​136 hectares, estimated to be completed after the development to create 40 billion yuan output value, providing 10,000 jobs, an annual increase of 3.0 billion tax revenue for the Government.
In line with the needs of the construction factories, the "synchronous development" strategy was adopted. The project has been completed and the planning and design has entered the construction stage. At the same time, the land acquisition, Manufacturers, the international yacht equipment manufacturers [] Vatican marine and domestic appliance manufacturers [Wo United] in November, respectively, has held groundbreaking ceremony, the period for the economic development of southern Taiwan to inject new living water.