WoLianShuo stationed in and industrial park ChenJu hope more business investment in kaohsiung
Release Date:2017-01-11 | Views:3523

字型縮小 字型放大
Chen Ju expressed his gratitude to Wooseros for the construction of the factory buildings and the office buildings while the site was still undergoing land preparation and road works. Wo Lianshuo company has a number of products for six consecutive Taiwan Excellence Award recognition, on behalf of the Taiwan-made innovation and quality do not lose international brands, the future and the new plant opened, the increase of nearly 200 jobs, hope more quality manufacturers Stationed in the park, investment in Kaohsiung.
Chen Ju said that the city government in the development of industrial park planning public construction accounted for 4 percent, the park in addition to the revitalization of economic development, more to the local residents to bring the development of convenience and comfort; In addition, the city also to the Interior The Ministry for the Daihatsu base north of the road outside the contact funding is expected to obtain the end of the relevant land, the future road project is completed, can improve the quality of life of the surrounding residents.
In order to produce high-tech cloud IOT networking products, including smart screens, smart air conditioners, small appliances and other high-tech goods, Wo joint company invested about 500 million yuan in funding and construction of new plants, technology plants and office buildings covering 2895 Ping , Building floor area of ​​4249 pings, is expected to enable operation, within one year to create 500 million yuan output value.