Vatican Marine stationed in the industrial park and groundbreaking ceremony
Release Date:2017-01-11 | Views:4406

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And the industrial park since December 4, 104 groundbreaking, the first company officially announced the presence! Vatican Marine Co., Ltd. today (12) in the industrial park and held a ground-breaking ceremony, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Ju rate of the city team at the said, happy to see the first company in the development of industrial park after 343 days after the official stationed , In addition to thanks to Vatican Marine Company is willing to join the investment and park development, simultaneous construction, she looks forward to more high-quality manufacturers to join, bringing a new industry development style.
In the labor market, the total population of the neighboring urban and urban areas reached 1.07 million, and the total population of the urban and rural areas was close to 88, Dafa Industrial Zone and Wanda Industrial Zone are adjacent to each other, and the labor force is plentiful. In terms of environment, besides the 4 flood detention ponds, the green belt of the park is also designed with micro-retarding function, and the public space of the park will also bring green design elements ; In the administrative process, the municipal government has set up a cross-Office of the plant operating group, to provide the most rapid access to manufacturers of administrative assistance services.
Chen Ju said that the development of the industrial park is now the whole site, the main road and other 9 projects, 343 days after the groundbreaking of the first companies to enter, the city is concerned in terms of great encouragement, and this is only the beginning of business presence , The next 753 days will make every effort to complete and industrial park development, announced the full completion of the opening. She also said that the Vatican Ocean is Kaohsiung in the production of yacht marine doors, large boom manufacturers, and the yacht industry is an important economic development in Kaohsiung one of the industries, the city also strongly support, also called on the manufacturers are watching Kaohsiung, investment Kaohsiung.
The Economic Development Bureau said that the park has been pre-registered with the park and pre-registered manufacturers, in December 104 and March 105 for two pre-registered vendors land auction, there are 12 pre-registered companies to pay the deposit to complete the purchase of land , But has not yet been open to the general vendor sales operations; now asked about 132 manufacturers of land, 70 hectares of land demand, accounting for about 90% of the region sold, is expected to 3 years after the park and stationed in the completion of use, Creating 40 billion yuan output value and 1 million jobs, an annual increase of 3.0 billion tax revenue for the city.