Kaohsiung Hofa Industrial Park Daihatsu Base Benchmark Enterprise Demonstration Area Land Sale (Third Announcement)
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Kaohsiung City Development Industrial Park, Daihatsu Base Demonstration Zone, Land Enterprises (Third Announcement), will be accepted from now on.
in accordance with:
First, industrial innovation regulations and implementation details.
Second, the industrial park land use of buildings and facilities income and sanctions.
Third, the Kaohsiung City Industrial Park and the development of the base of benchmarking enterprises Demonstration Zone land sale points.
First, the sale of land marked the details of the sale of the manual "Ba, and the development of industrial park base of the benchmark enterprise Demonstration Zone area and price of land blocks."
Second, the purchase of land application form Available Location:
Hefa Land Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hefei)
(Address: Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, four-dimensional three-way 80, 4th Floor, 2 Tel: 07-3315398)
Form download (URL:
Third, the sale of objects: The scope of application of this announcement to meet the benchmark enterprise qualifications, and engaged in industrial innovation regulations related to the use of limited and should be consistent with the industrial park and allow the introduction of industrial categories.
Fourth, the price payable: purchase of land in this area should be included in the purchase price deposit, the completion of the use of security, land prices and industrial park development and management fund, calculated as follows:
(1) Margin for purchase: According to 3% of the land price, the deposit can be used to offset the land price without interest when the approval of the acquisition is granted; After the approval of the acquisition, no reason not to fulfill the obligations of the acquisition, not into the margin.
(B) to complete the use of margin: 10% of land prices calculated in accordance with the provisions of the completion of the user, after the return of interest-free application. Applicants for this security deposit agree that the government may advance the development cost of the park.
(3) Land price: According to the provisions of Article 46 of the Industrial Innovation Regulations, the detailed sales manual, "Area and Price of Land in the Demonstration Area of ​​the Demonstration Zone of the Daifa Base of the Daifa Industrial Park".
(4) Management fund for development and management of industrial parks: 1% of the land price.
(E) price concessions: a detailed sale of the "Participation, Kaohsiung City, and the development of industrial park base of the benchmark enterprise Demonstration Area land sale points" requirement.
Fifth, the admissibility of the application time, place, procedures and prepared documents:
(A) Applicants from now until June 30, 2006 from 8 am to 5:30 pm only, respectively, to announce the matter of the two sites or locations to download or receive the application form.
(2) The contents and the number of copies of the documents to be prepared by the applicant, please refer to the "Selling Points of the Demonstration Area of ​​the Daifat Enterprise Demonstration Area of ​​the Hefa Industrial Park" in this sales manual.
(3) Reception period: From now until June 30, 2006, from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm (except holidays, from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm), it will be accepted at Hefa Company Application. Communication applicants will not be accepted.
(4) The application shall be examined by the Economic Development Bureau of the Municipality, and the application shall be submitted to the Economic Development Bureau of the Municipality for examination and confirmation once the documents are complete and the qualifications are met.
(5) In order to promote the rational and overall utilization of land, the Government may plan, coordinate and approve the land area or location of the purchase in accordance with the land available for sale and the land requirements of the applicant. If there is duplication of application by coordination, it shall be examined and decided by the applicant in accordance with the application plan submitted by the applicant.
(6) Where the application case is inconsistent or does not conform to the relevant provisions for the use of the industrial park, the application shall be deemed to be inconsistent with the qualification and shall be returned to the application deposit without interest.
(7) If the application is to be remedied at the first instance, the applicant shall make a correction within 1 month from the date of notification of the correction by the Company and shall be deemed to have waived the application and be refunded without interest. Of the purchase deposit.
6, to complete the use of recognized standards and transfer of property rights provisions:
(1) The applicant shall, within 3 years from the next day after the completion of the spot payment, complete the construction in accordance with the approved plan and obtain the factory registration. The building use license shall not be less than 30% of the area of ​​the acquired land, Factory registered factory area shall not be less than 20% of the acquisition of land area, the applicant meets the aforementioned standards are in line with the completion of the use of the provisions. If the applicant is not legally required to apply for the registration of the factory, he shall complete the construction business in accordance with the approved plan and obtain a commercial or business registration within 3 years starting from the next day. The building use rate of the building use license shall not be less than 30% of the purchase of land area before the completion of the use of the provisions.
(B) the applicant in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph to complete the use, and pay the land price and industrial park development and management fund, the Government began to issue land transfer certificate for the transfer of ownership of the applicant for registration, the required Taxes and fees are borne by the applicant. If the applicant fails to complete the application within the prescribed time limit, the applicant will not be refunded and the Kaohsiung City Industrial Park Development and Management Fund will be discharged. The Government may terminate the land sales contract.
(3) Before the land ownership is transferred to the applicant, the land use consent issued by the government shall be issued to the applicant for use.
(4) According to the resolution of the 817th meeting of the Urban Planning Commission of the Ministry of the Interior, the industrial land of the industrial park (1) shall be transferred after the completion of its use for 5 years and shall be repurchased by the government, and the original land price Plus the general line library deposit interest calculation. The applicant should agree to transfer the land property rights in line with the pre-open limit for the advance notice of registration. However, after the signing of the sale and purchase agreement, if the previous resolution to amend or change, the applicant may be handled in accordance with the latest requirements.
Seven other:
(1) If there is any matter not covered in this announcement, it shall be handled according to laws and regulations in accordance with this Announcement.
(2) Those who have any questions about the above matters shall contact the Company (Tel: 07-3315398).