Hofa Industrial Park Land Selling and Applying Explanation Conference by Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
Release Date:2017-01-04 | Views:3846

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  Wen-Sheng Tseng from Economic Development Bureau (EDB) stated in his speech that the approved Hofa Industrial Park plan has been reviewed by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Environmental Protection Administration and Ministry of the Interior. Kaohsiung City Government has made much efforts to have another new industrial park after almost 20 years since the last one. This is a big chance. This is the first time that Kaohsiung City Government and Hofa Industrial Park open the lands for sale to all the companies for applying residency. Hofa Industrial Park is with decent conditions, and Kaohsiung City Government also appoints a liaison to assist with the coordination between the companies and the governmental units regarding the administrative affairs. Also, the park is next to the Expressway No. 88 Interchange, which means it takes only less than 40 minutes to drive to other industrial parks in Kaohsiung or Pingtung. Furthermore, the labor force is abundant with the total 1.07 million population of townships around and the manpower from the neighbors Dafa Industrial Park and Wanda Industrial Park. In order to resist the extreme weather, there are 4 detention basins in the Hofa Industrial Park, and the green lands in the park are also with minor flood detention function. The public areas in the park are all designed with greening elements.

  Hofa Industrial Park in Kaohsiung City is the 1st governmental industrial park in Taiwan being built in accordance with the Industrial Innovation Act. The 1st phase land selling has officially announced on Dec. 1st, 2016. Kaohsiung City Government and the Economic Development Bureau (EDB) hold the Hofa Industrial Park Land Selling and Applying Explanation Conference today (Dec. 14th) at Dadong Arts Center, with attendees of nearly 100 enterprises and delegates from 13 banks.Hofa Land Development Corporation (the development unit trusted by Kaohsiung City Government for Hofa Industrial Park) stated that the most important thing is the price. The average selling price of 88,000 NTD is relatively reasonable in comparison with the industrial lands around. In order to attract the companies to reside, special discount is offered to the companies residing in early stage as compensation for incomplete public facilities at the beginning. A least 3%discount of the land price will be offered to the company with completion before end of December, 2018. 10% of the down payment can be paid with joint guarantee, which will reduce the burden of the resident companies. Since December 1st, 4 companies have paid the deposit. We welcome more good companies to join Kaohsiung, and we will work together to have the industries flourish and blossom. There have been many companies registered during the reviewing period, which also assist the Kaohsiung City Government to pass the review. 2 of the registered companies have resided in the park this month, ready to settle their factories along with the development of the park. Hofa Industrial Park is with excellent environment which is worth investment. Welcome and feel free to contact us for purchasing the lands.