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  Hofa Industrial Park is located at Daliao District, Kaohsiung City. The land is around 136.13 hectares, divided into Hechun Base (around 81.81 hectares) and Dafa Base (around 54.32 hectares,) which are both included in the “Urban Plan of East Area of Dapingding.”Please refer to Figure 3.1-1 for location detail.
  Hechun Base is located at the intersection of Provincial Highway No. 29 (the old Provincial Highway No. 21 South Section was renamed as Provincial Highway No. 29 in July 16th, 2014) in Liuchiu Village, Daliao District, and Kaohsiung City Expressway No. 68. The west border of the base is Shanliao Main Line, with Wanda Industrial Park developed by Taiwan Sugar Corporation at the north, Provincial Highway No. 29, Daliao Levee and Kaoping River at the east, some housing and a water plan of Water Corporation at the southeast, Fortune Institue of Technology at the south. Dafa Base is around 1kilometer at the south of Hechun Base with Kaohsiung City Expressway No. 68 between the two bases.
  Dafa Base is located at the intersection of Provincial Highway No. 88 (the ground section belongs to County Highway No. 188) and Provincial Highway No. 29 in Shangliao Village, Daliao District, with Shanliao Drainage System in the west, Provincial Highway No. 29 in the east, Wanda Bridge in the southeast, and Dafa Industrial Park in the south with the Provincial Highway No. 88 lying in-between.
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