Development Environment
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(I) Development Origin and Purposes

Over 90% of the development industrial areas in Kaohsiung are in use and most of them are the old industrial areas existing for over 20 years with insufficient public facilities and unsatisfactory space arrangement.There are no more lands for new factories to reside.
In recently years, the need of industrial lands is growing due to the trend that many Taiwanese businessesare moving back to Taiwan. Moreover, in order to connect with the world and running international business, many domestic companies also need to expand their capital and factories, while currently there are no more industrial lands available in Kaohsiung. Therefore, the plan is to develop another industrial area near the original ones for needs of expansions and the continuity of the industrial developments, which will save the moving costs and meanwhile maintain the existing staffs and production systems.
Kaohsiung City Government thus comes up with the plan of Hofa Industrial Park with comprehensive infrastructures that fit the industrial development, aiming to assist the outstanding local industries to effectively become more competitive and raise their values. The development purposes of Hofa Industrial Park are as follows: 
1. Satisfy the spatial development requirements of zonal industries:through the development of the industrial park to improve the quality of the infrastructures, reinforce the industrial foundations and satisfy the requirements of zonal industrial development, which will push forward the effective use of the land resources.

 2. Transform the image of traditional industrial areas and strengthen the zonal competence: introduce the low pollution and low emission industries, combine the concepts of environmental protection, low carbon emission and greening to transform the negative image of heavy industrial city and make Daliao District the key base of metal industry in Kaohsiung.

3. Reinforce the industrial network and strengthen the zonal competence: with the residency of outstanding local businesses and the potential new industries, the cluster effect will be stronger and thus stabilize the zonal industries.

 4. Consolidate the industry-academic cooperation: combine the producing site and the teaching environment, increase the opportunities of the industry-academic cooperation, and rebuild the image of industrial areas with greening concepts.

(II) Area Introduction


1. Location

Hofa Industrial Park is located at Daliao District, Kaohsiung City. The land is around 136.13 hectares, divided into Hechun Base (around 81.81 hectares) and Dafa Base (around 54.32 hectares,) which are both included in the “Urban Plan of East Area of Dapingding.” Please refer to Figure 1 for location detail.
Hechun Base is located at the intersection of Provincial Highway No. 29 (the old Provincial Highway No. 21 South Section was renamed as Provincial Highway No. 29 in July 16th, 2014) in Liuchiu Village, Daliao District, and Kaohsiung City Expressway No. 68. The western border of Hechun Base is Shanliao Main Line, with Wanda Industrial Park developed by Taiwan Sugar Corporation in the north, Provincial Highway No. 29, Daliao Levee and Kaoping River in the east, some housing and a water plan of Water Corporation in the southeast, andFortune Institue of Technology in the south. Dafa Base is around 1km to the south of Hechun Base with Kaohsiung City Expressway No. 68 lying between the two bases.
Dafa Base is located at the intersection of Provincial Highway No. 88 (the ground section belongs to County Highway No. 188) and Provincial Highway No. 29 in Shangliao Village, Daliao District, with Shanliao Drainage System in the west, Provincial Highway No. 29 in the east, Wanda Bridge in the southeast, and Dafa Industrial Park in the south with the Provincial Highway No. 88 lying in-between.

2. Transportation

Hechun Base is with its southern sideconnected to Kaohsiung City Expressway No. 68 and the eastern side to Provincial Highway No. 29. Dafa Base is with the southern side connected to Provincial Highway No. 88 and the eastern side to Provincial Highway No. 29. The overall access transportation to the industrial park is very convenient.

3. Climate

Hechun Base is with its southern sideconnected to Kaohsiung City Expressway No. 68 and the eastern side to Provincial Highway No. 29. Dafa Base is with the southern side connected to Provincial Highway No. 88 and the eastern side to Provincial Highway No. 29. The overall access transportation to the industrial park is very convenient.

4. Population and Labor Analysis

The population growth rate of Kaohsiung City keeps positive in recent years. The labor force of secondary industries is quite stable in recent years with one third of them from manufacturing industry, which shows the critical role of Kaohsiung City in the manufacturing industry. Hofa Industrial Park's development and introducing of industries will definitely increase the local job opportunities in the future.

5. Terrain and Geology

Hofa Industrial Park is very flat and near the alluvial plain at the right side of Kaoping River estuary. At 1.6 kilometers from the western side of the base lies the NNW Fengshan Faultin between the low Fengshan Hill and Pingtung Plain.Fengshan Fault is a suspected active fault. Thefault body does not pass through the park so will not cause much influence of the park.

(III) Development Plan

Hofa Industrial Park includes Dafa Base and Hechun Base. The industrial landsoccupy 92.52 hectares and the public facilities occupy 43.61-hectares. In order to follow the companies' residing schedule, the whole park is developed at once. According to the plan, the public construction will commence in November of 2015 and complete in January of 2017. Following the building-up schedule of the benchmarking companies, the park has started to sell the lands in demonstration area of the benchmarking companies in Dafa Base so the lands could be handed over to the companies earlier for building the factories. The 2nd phase (Hechun Base) is planned to start the land price marking and selling in early March of 2016.

(IV) Assets and Facilities


1. Transportation

Three main ways : Provincial Highway No. 29, Kaohsiung City Expressway No. 68, and Provincial Highway No. 88 (the ground section belongs to County Highway No. 188)build the communication between the Park and outer place. In the Park, main and sub roads are used for communication. The main roads play a pivotal role in connecting the bases, outer place and the internal cadasters. Along with the main roads, the sub roads are the key to connect factories, offices and facilities, whichform a network of communication. 

2. Green Area

With series of node, greenway, landmark and vista appliedin space design, the Park contains an abundant ecological system, which connects those of surrounding areas, further giving the Park with an entire landscape and space structure. 

3. Draining (rain collecting) system

In use of the current draining status and the watershed, the Park applies gravity draining in condition of lower earth volume demand. As a result, the water (rain) is collected in the draining system on the roadsides, and delivered through draining sub-line, extension and channel into the water gate, and finally discharged into each waterways and sea.

4. Water supply system

According to the planned progress, the industrial lands used and sold in the park are mainly for corporations of mechanical equipment, and others such as metal product, transport equipment, electronic component etc. Based on above-mentioned status, each industry in this park shall comply with the recommended volume of water consumption designated in Appendix 3 “Unit Water Consumption References” of the latest “Directions for Evaluating the Water Usage plan” amended on October 6th, 2015 by Water Resources Agency. According to the reference, the estimations of the daily average water consumption is 5,500 CMD, which should be multiplied by 1.3 for daily maximum (7,150 CMD) and by 2.0 for hourly maximum (11,000 CMD.)
Fengshan Water Plant will supply the short-term water resource to this park. A φ400mm water pipe is placed on Provincial Highway No. 21 to supply Hechun Base the water for distributing to the internal water land. There are two external water pipes for Dafa Base - a φ400mm one in the east of the base on Provincial Highway No. 21, and the other φ400mm one is placed on Huachung Road in the south of Dafa Industrial Park. Water resource for the future development and revenue service will be obtained from the water pipes on Provincial Highway No. 21 and delivered to the water land in the northeast of the base.  

5. Power Supply System

Referring the experiences of Tainan Tree Vally Park, Southern Taiwan Science Park in Kaohsiung, and Benjhou Industrial Park in Gangshan, this Park adopts load density method for electricity consumption in accordance with industry categories and electricity density with the estimated maximum consumption of 93,838 KW, which shall satisfy the needs of the users. 
At preliminary stage of development, this park can use the left electricity power from Daliao S/S of Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) to fulfill the demand of early operation. However, current power supply cannot reach the maximum consumption for full operation. In order to provide sufficient and stable power for the growing loading in the future, this park has coordinated with Taipower to set up one D/S in Dafa Base and Hechun Base respectively. 

6. Telecommunication

The required telecom equipment for Hechun Base is 1,500 pairs of voice telecom service and 300 pieces of non-voice service, and 1,000 pairs of voice telecom and 200 pieces of non-voice service for Dafa Base. The space required for telecommunication optical fibers and copper cables shall also be considered due to the trend of broadband supply from the telecommunication companies. The number of telecom channels in this park will be subject to the arrangement of Chunghwa Telecom, three fixed network industry, one cable TV supplier, and the monitoring system specifically applied for the industrial area.

7. Sewage system

The draining and sewage systems in two bases are separated. The sewage treatment plant built in Dafa Base collects industrial and domestic sewage from sewers and sewage of Hechun Base. Hechun Base only contains a sewage pumping station, which collects and delivers the decontaminated sewage through pressure pipe to a primary treatment unit (PH adjustment pool) of the sewage treatment plant in Dafa to be adjusted together with Dafa's sewage until they meet the regulated ground releasing standard. After this process, sewage within discharge standard will be released to Linyuan major sewer.  

8. Waste Treatment System

Flammable general business waste will be sent to Renwu Recycling and Incineration plant, which has been coordinated with the plant with agreement to take over this mission. On the contrary, nonflammable general business waste for direct landfill will be delivered to the governmental or private waste management organizations.
The corporations should dispose hazardous business waste such as waste solvent, mud and liquid with declaration of environmental regulations or appoint the legal entities for removal.  

9. Public Service Facility

This park will set up a service center in Hechun Base to provide the administrative services, conference, exhibition, training, foods and beverages, reception, information management, disaster prevention, etc.