Development Team
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字型縮小 字型放大

Hefa Land Development Corporation (hereafter referred to as the Development Team) is the Development Team consisting of CTBC Financial Holding Corporation Taiwan Life (hereafter referred to as Taiwan Life) and New Asia Construction & Development Corporation (hereafter referred to as New Asia.) With the outstanding business management culture, stable and professional investment experiences, and vast experiences in construction from the parent companies, the Development Team maintains the efficiency, innovation, flexibility and energy of the private enterprise, and carries the trust from the clients, teamwork, professional divisions of work and revolutionary concept to join the development of Hofa Industrial Park, wishing to again contribute to the industrial development of Kaohsiung City and Taiwan.

The Development Team, combining the proficiency from Taiwan Life and the listed company New Asia, will jointly take over this project with the following competitive advantages:

 Stable and Reliable
Taiwan Life will have the capital from the insurance business for the project use and assist the project company to build up a strict internal control and audit system in accordance with the related regulationsin order to assure the development capital will be utilized effectively and logically. New Asia has accumulated decades of experiences from the domestic and overseas construction projects and is well-known for being stable and reliable. In the future, the project company will carry the outstanding experiences in finance and construction industry to provide the most stable and reliable services to this project.

Professional and Innovative
Both Taiwan Life and New Asia emphasize on cultivating the professionals and accumulating the professional proficiency, which result in low turnoverrate with great teamwork and build up the professional images of both corporations in this industry.Based on the professional divisions of work and teamwork, both corporations also pursuit the innovative services and techniques which are widely awarded and recognized in various audits. In the future, the outstanding business culture, proficiency and innovations from the parent companies will be maintained and introduced to all phases of this project by the project company in order to build up the industrial park with a brand new milestone.

Flexible and Diverse
Taiwan Life and New Asia will never stop improving. We accept the challenges and proactively cooperate with the governmental policies to contributeto several critical construction projects, including development projects such as lump sum contract work, BOT, and conditional sale of Affordable Housing. Our aim is to run the business with most flexibility and accumulate diverse development experiences.